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Svnteen are known as one of the leading management and producers of tribute shows in the UK. Most of the shows we produce have made their own lane within the tribute world and their names are respected as stand alone acts. Spicey Girls are one of the first tributes to the original Spice Girls girlband and are still one of our busiest shows. Our performers really strive to emulate not only the setlist and choreography but the vocal tone and mannerisms of the artists they portray. Here at Svnteen we have worked hard to replicate costumes, hair and make up. As well as carefully selecting specific live performances or music videos to draw inspiration from to present an overall polished tribute show of many artists. 



The Spice Girls are the biggest girl group of all time with massive party songs known worldwide. The Spicey Girls bring the Girl Power in a show full of union jack dresses, leopard print, pouting, high kicks, and baby bunches.


Costumes, choreography, vocals and characters are brought to life taking you right back to the 90's with BABY, SCARY, SPORTY, GINGER and POSH. HOLD TIGHT!

Show time options - 60mins / 2 x 45 mins 

Booking options - 5 piece line up / 4 piece line up (no posh)

Booking suggestions - Amazing for 90's themed events, best of British festivals and hotel party nights where the girls can interact with the guests.


Songs featured include;


  • Spice Up Ya Life

  • Wannabe

  • 2 Become 1

  • Say You'll Be There

  • Goodbye

  • Viva Forever

  • Who Do You Think You are? Plus many more of the Spice Girls Greatest Hits! 



Little Mix are one of the biggest selling and most popular girlbands in pop music today. They are dominating the charts and the arenas. Give a touch of fun and sass to your event with the ultimate tribute to little mix. In vocal style, costume and iconic dance routines this show has it all. 


Show time options - 60 mins / 2 x 45 mins 


Booking options -  A meet and greet is also available upon request. 

Booking suggestions - Great for a family festival day , holiday park or a kids afternoon party event. 

Songs featured include;

- Shout Out To My Ex

- Black Magic

- Salute

- Move

- Power

- Touch 

- Break Up Song

- Woman Like Me

- Wings 

- No More Sad Songs and many more!



Steps 2 are the ultimate tribute to the iconic 90's band STEPS. The show features all of the biggest Steps hits and their well known dance moves the perfect way to kick start your festival or event. This show will have your audience singing and dancing from start to finish. 


Show time options - 60 mins / 2 x 45 mins

Booking Suggestions - Perfect for a 90s themed event, a family festival or a best of British theme. Team up with Spicey Girls for the ultimate pop party night. 

Songs featured include;

- Tragedy 

- Last Thing On My Mind

- Deeper Shade Of Blue

- Summer of Love

- Chain Reaction

- Scared of the Dark

- Better The Devil 

- Better Best Forgotten

- Heartbeat

- Stomp

- One For Sorrow and many more...!



Stepsclub is a brilliant fusion of Steps and S Club's greatest hits! Its the ultimate poptastic show with iconic dance routines and sing along songs.


Show time options - 60 mins / 2 x 45 mins

Booking Options - Trio show as standard but can add performers on request to create a five and seven piece line up.

Booking Suggestions - Perfect for a 90s themed event, a family festival or a best of British theme. Team up with Spicey Girls for the ultimate pop party. 

Set List includes;

- Tragedy 

- Last Thing On My Mind

- Stomp

- Summer of Love

- One for sorrow

- Better The Devil 

- S Club Party

- Don't stop movin

- Reach

- Bring it all back and many more...!



Jeni Jaye and Lauren Green as Agnetha and Frida in their Tribute to ABBA!


Both Jeni and Lauren are seasoned singers in their own right and bring that experience together to create the ultimate tribute duo. Praised by audiences for their incredible vocal likeness to the real ladies of Abba, it's a show not to be missed. 

Show time options - 60 mins / 2 x 45 mins

Booking options - As a duo or add two gentleman to create the full line up. 


Songs featured include; 

- Waterloo

- Mamma Mia

- Dancing Queen 

- Knowing Me Knowing You

- Take a Chance

- I have a Dream and many more!



Rocky Horror Nights is a tribute show to the amazing Rocky Horror Picture Show. Testimonials from audience members and venues say this show is one of the best stage recreations they have seen. It captures the spirit of the film as well as alike performance in vocals, costume, dancing and acting. 

Featuring the hit song 'Time warp' and many more the audience will be taken on a story telling journey with some tongue and cheek moments and hilarious audience participation. 

Show time options - 90 mins (can be split into sections)

Booking options  - Full cast line up of 5 

Booking suggestions - Perfect for your halloween entertainment. Would work for a cult movies classic theme, terror night, or musical theatre evening. 

Songs featured include;

- Time warp

- Damn it, Janet

- Sweet Transvestite

- Science Fiction

- Hot Patootie

- I'm going home and many more!



The Pussycat Dolls certainly made some waves in the pop industry and with their recent comeback is looking to be a success with more hits at the ready. 

Don't Cha Dolls recreate everything it means to be a Pussycat Doll. The sassy choreography, cheeky songs and burlesque meets pop costume and sound. 

From their original beginnings at the Pussycat Doll Lounge to international pop stars. The Don't Cha Dolls perform songs from every Era the Pussycat dolls have shined onstage to deliver a memorable show. ​

Show time options -  60 mins / 2 x 45 mins 

Booking suggestions - Works amazingly with a burlesque or cabaret style set up. 

Songs featured include;

- Don't cha 

- Buttons

- Sway

- Fever

- I don't need a man

- React

- Hot Stuff

- Tainted Love

- Jai ho!



Girls R Aloud impersonate one of the biggest female girlbands to hail from the UK ''Girls Aloud.'' With a back catalogue of top ten hits guaranteed to have the audience both up on their feet and singing along its a show not to be missed. Glitter gowns and big band sounds take over your event as the girls recreate a show like you'd expect to see at your favourite Girls Aloud concert. 

An act that has been touring for over ten years with each performer seasoned in their own right your in for a brilliant evening booking this show for your event!

Show time options -  60 mins / 2 x 45 mins 

Booking suggestions - This show works amazingly paired with Spicey Girls, or even one section Girls R Aloud and another section of girlband classics. 

Songs featured include;

- Love Machine

- The Promise

- Sound Of The Underground

- Something Kinda oooh

- Call The Shots

- Can't Speak French

- Sexy No No No

- I'll Stand By You and many more!


Mamma Mia - The Tribute is the perfect feel good sing along party night! The audience can arrive dressed to suit the theme and Abba or Disco fans will rejoice!


Featuring the biggest hits from both Mamma Mia and Mamma Mia 2 - Here we go again. It's a non stop fun ride through the story of the films with acting as well as fully choreographed scenes for audiences of all ages to enjoy.

Show time options - 60 mins / 2 x 45 mins

Booking options - 4 piece cast  / Duo / Trio / 6 piece


Songs featured include;

- Waterloo

- Mamma Mia

- Dancing Queen 

- Fernando

- Take a Chance

- Voulez Vouz

- Super Trouper and many more!

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